The Towers Restaurant


Our client Tom, at the Tower Restaurant in Westport, had a newly landscaped outdoor dining area with a beautiful view of Westport Harbour and bay.

It was very popular with clientele, but unused during the quite frequent poor weather days we experience Ireland during the summer months.

Subsequently the space was only partially utilised, being extremely busy on fine days and empty on overcast and rainy days. The space had unrealise potential to be a unique all weather outdoor dining space, which could open-up a high value revenue stream for this popular family restaurant.


The team at Cover Solutions were challenged with designing an aesthetically pleasing and robust canopy which could provide cover for the outdoor space. It had to be incorporated into the existing topography of the area, which had curved edges, was asymmetrical in shape, and had a preexisting reinforced glass wall around built into the curved stone wall.

The cover had to be removable for winter months without too much hassle.  


Due to the unmatched versatility of the stretch tent membranes, we at Cover Solutions were able to cut the shape of the tension membrane to follow the shape and size of the space. The frame to the reinforced glass wall were able to be used as anchor points and one side, with specially fabricated removable steel posts used on the opposing sides.


The result is a completely demountable stretch tent canopy, that is stunning, sturdy, and perfectly suited to the space it covers. The area is now used across the entire season, with the canopy being taken down each November and reinstalled the following March. It was such a eye-catching structure that it even featured in the national newspaper.


“I have been a customer of Cover Solutions for a number of years, I found Phil and the team very professional and diligent on the construction, design and erection of my stretch tent.

At the end of the summer season the guys take down the tent for us, wash it, and store it over the winter ready for the following season!

Would highly recommend this company for any outdoor cover solutions ….”

Tom Bourke,

The Towers,