The Schoolhouse for Art


The client had a largely unused garden area at the front of the historic schoolhouse in Enniskerry village. The Schoolhouse for Art had some art pieces and would teach classes and host exhibitions – weather permitting of course.  Some form of weather protection was really needed to allow the space to be used all year round. However, it had to be stylish, striking, and professionally implemented to be in keeping with the overall pleasantness of the town.


Through close consultation and collaboration with the management of the Schoolhouse for Art, the area vision of the project was kept to the fore. The height was of importance as enough light had to be allowed in and view through the canopy to the façade of the schoolhouse building had to be maintained. The canopy and steel support uprights had to be easily taken down and stored on site. A deconstruction process was worked out during the development of the stretch canopy structure.


A groundworks’ construction project was put in place to minimise the downtime of the front garden area and impact on local businesses & public. The groundworks and steel fabrication elements of the project were undertaken concurrently, with the custom stretch membrane measured from the final position of the support posts to ensure exact fit. The posts were plated and be bolted to the concrete bases. During the stretch canopy fabrication and shipping lead time, the garden area was reinstated and landscaped and posts. Installation of the stretch tent took place in one day.


With the newly covered exhibition and classroom space ready for use. Enniskerry had a new, stylish, and useful structural feature to complement the town. Since installing a stretch tent canopy over the front garden area, the Schoolhouse for Art have hosted art classes, exhibitions, Christmas markets, music and comedy evening, afternoon lunches, food fares, and much more. During filming for a popular Disney film in the town, The Schoolhouse for Art were able to temporarily remove the canopy to suit the production needs of the set designers.


‘As an art facility in the heart of Enniskerry village our Schoolhouse for Art needed a space for our outdoor classes and workshops. A space and structure that could be dismantled as needed and robust enough to cater for Irish weather. It also needed to make a creative statement while still complementing the ambiance of our beautiful village.

Our Cover Solutions stretch tent met our requirements and surpassed our expectations. We are a very satisfied customer.’

Neil Condron

Schoolhouse for Art